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Mastermind Member Testimonials

Jay Abraham



“I don’t normally sit through anyone’s seminars. But, I participated in Larry’s Mastermind event. It was intellectually stimulating, conceptually challenging, and the quality of people that he had was really outstanding. More importantly, the contributions, and the tangible benefits that they were able to make to one another were exemplary. It’s decisively different. It’s at a whole ‘nother strata than the normal activities and events that Larry puts on. Even if you are used to attending his other events, if you are fortunate enough to be extended an invitation, I would encourage you very, very, very strongly to avail yourself of it.”


Jay Abraham has been responsible for engineering over 9.5 billion dollars and increasing the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients, in more than 400 industries, worldwide. Forbes Magazine listed Jay as one of the top 5 executive coaches in the country, saying his specialty is: “Turning corporate under performers into marketing and sales whizzes”. He is a Best Selling Author and has personally sold over 300 million dollars of his personal brand of information products.


Jeffrey Hayzlett



“To be able to sit in a mastermind with some of the greatest minds in business, show business, and though leadership, was absolutely fantastic! To sit down with people, across the table and get to spend a few minutes to find ways to be able to connect; and, find ways that I could do business for them, and they could do business with me, was just a mind blowing session.”


Jeffrey Hayzlett is a global business celebrity and former Fortune 100 c-suite executive. Jeffrey is a leading business expert, cited in numerous books, magazines and newspapers worldwide, and a frequent television guest and commentator, having appeared on shows including MSNBC’s Your Business, Fox Business News, and NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, among others. He is the Author of The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet.


Steve Harrison



“I have seen so many benefits from investing the time and the money to connect with other authors and successful entrepreneurs. I’ve been able to learn from them. I’ve been able to do deals with them. Great event. Great quality people. I just can’t say enough!”


Bob Beaudine



“I was shocked by some of the people in the room – the sheer brain power. And then, there was their willingness to actually help you and guide you. The strength of people in the room was phenomenal.


Bryan Franklin and Jenifer Russell



“What I loved most about this format is that we cut through the show boating and egos, and just spent 2 days with the most brilliant minds on all our biggest challenges. We all walked away with $10,000 dollar ideas, $100,000 dollar ideas, connections, follow ups and friendships!”

Bryan Franklin’s been of the most successful executive coaches for the last decade. He’s coached top-level executives at companies like Apple, Logitech, Google, Cisco and LinkedIn; and helped entrepreneurs take their start-ups to billion dollar-generators.

Jennifer Russell is a speaker, scientist, serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder/Co-Facilitator of the Mind, Money & Meaning Program. She’s worked exclusively in high impact start-ups bringing over 40 new products to market and has coached executives and entrepreneurs on maximizing impact and living their passion.


Paul D’souza



“The experience was amazing! I knew in advance the high-caliber of people Larry would deliver – the same amazing group that you bring together at SANG. You literally changed my life!”

Paul D’Souza is the Author of The Market Has Changed Have You?, and an experienced Business Consultant. He is the founder of Small Biz Fight Club, which helps people live an authentic life of power. His primary offer is helping Small Business owners earn $2Million or more in capital-at-work at retirement.


Mark Satterfield



“I can’t imagine a better environment or better experience!”

Mark Satterfield is best known as the author of 7 books including the #1 best seller, Unique Sales Stories: How To Persuade Others Through The Power of Stories, and as the Founder & CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.


Paul Maguire



“The collaboration in the room was unbelievable. You have a lot of very successful people from such different backgrounds, even CEOs who have run billion dollar businesses. More importantly, to me, was that there was a high level of integrity and trust in the room. People were honest, and telling it like it really was. There were potentials deals, in the millions of dollars, that NEVER would have happened otherwise. I have run my own masterminds, some at $75,000 price points. I know what these are like and this is one of the best that I have ever been to.”

Paul Maguire is a well-known speaker and business consultant in the field of Chiropractic Practice.